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Feb 9, 2020
Because they filled out form 4473, legal gun owners taking legal medication are being forced to hand over their guns to police. wrote that Hawaiian police told gun owners they had a week to turn over their guns or else.

If they didn’t, the police told these law-abiding citizens they were going to come and take them away by force.

Odds are, you’ve filled out Form 4473 too.

You just know it by a different name - The NICS Background Check.

Since 1993, ever since the Brady Bill was signed into law, 97% of gun purchases have been made using Form 4473.

What you may not realize is Form 4473 form puts everyone - including you- on a federal registry.

A registry the Feds can use to seize your guns just like they’re doing in Hawaii right now.

The number #1 way to guarantee your guns are never seized is by knowing gun law “workarounds” like those found in this free Essential 2nd Amendment Handbook.

The Essential 2nd Amendment Handbook is an easy to read guide showing you exactly how to get around problematic gun laws.

Here are a few examples of ways to bypass gun laws that would make anti-gun snowflakes freak out.

  • Exploitable loopholes in today’s gun laws you can use to get an off-the-books rifle or pistol. If you don’t know them you’re putting yourself at extreme risk of future gun confiscation.
  • Why understanding the true definition of a firearm is so important. Know this and they won’t be able to track down your firearm - ahem, I mean your “gun.”
  • Which ATF forms to avoid at all costs. You already learned about Form 4473, now it’s time to see what bad things happen when you fill the other ones out.
  • Page 27 shows you how to hide existing firearms from the government’s prying eyes. An advanced technique, this guarantees your gun is confiscation proof.

Plus much more. Normally $47, the publishers are giving away copies of this book for the next 3 days, or until they run out of copies, as a part of a special gun rights awareness promo.

They said there are 750 copies left... so click here to get yours before they’re gone.

Thank you for subscribing.

P.S. You can stick your head in the sand and pretend your guns will never be taken… or you can take this simple step to learn how to guarantee they aren’t.