I'm building new website dedicated to WEED, and I need community feedback please


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Mar 2, 2020
I'm looking for ideas and feedback from weed "enthusiasts" and industry "connoisseurs". I want to build a website that is dedicated to the CULTURE of weed. I don't want it to be news or dispensary related -- there's already a ton of those. Here are a few of of the ideas I have:

- A dedicated section to "cannabis friendly" businesses
- Humour/meme/etc. section
- "420 babes" - dedicated to babes and buds. (possibility to have a guy section)
- Blog to post cool stories, interviews, entertainment, etc.
- Merchs section dedicated to cool companies and Etsy-type artists

The plan is to have all the above and then some. Ideally, I would love to build a website that allows others to

I need more suggestions from weed smokers/lovers: what does the industry need most that doesn't already exist? What is a common "problem" the industry is facing that a website could possibly contribute to part of the solution? What would you like to see a website be dedicated to in the weed industry?

ALL ideas and suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advance - cheers.

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