If I ever come around CBD for free I take a few buds and stick them in my Kief Catcher


The Mark X
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Mar 2, 2020
I find that if you put 3 or 4 G of CBD buds in your Kief Catcher that after grinding up even a quarter of decent will be enough to charge that CBD and make it interesting.

I usually come into some CBD buds every now and again that someone will toss me for free. Some people will use these buds to mix into a bag to make it weigh out but have less weed but I have never liked pinching bags so when I am gifted some I will take it and grind it up and then pour it ground up into the Kief Catcher where I will grind up my actual smoke on top of it.

The CBD becomes actually enjoyable and not just useless buds. So if you ever have any of those buds laying around that you can't do anything with try this out.

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