I think I may have smoked K2/Spice unintentionally


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Mar 2, 2020
I am not much of a smoker, however I do enjoy the high whilst listening to Pink Floyd, among other things. However I experience seizure like jerks constantly and ongoingly through out my highs. Those who I know who smoke weed don't experience this and it even frightened a heavy weed smoking friend of mine. Although I still enjoy the high and to some extent even the jerks - I researched one day only to find out people who smoked K2/Spice had my symptons. Now when I relax in bed I often have strong jerks in my stomach and chest causing the body to curl for a brief second. Somewhat embarrasing if others are around. Could this just be a natural body reaction THC? When I smoke it I tend to smoke the entire joint - although I am stil coherent mentally perhaps my body isn't prepared for this?

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