I feel like the worst dog mom ever!


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Mar 2, 2020
Hello, I love my dog with all my heart. He is more than child. He lives a very good life full of toys, healthy food, exercise, treats, and of course our king size bed and the couch. I would never mean for this to happen but the other day he snuck upstairs to the third floor of our house. It's usually closed off but the door was open. My bong and all my stuff was out, including an Ash tray from a previous blunt. Well he got atleast three good licks of the ash before I realized and ran upstairs and stopped him. Fast forward an hour or so.. he started acting soo strange. Just like I or anyone else would act when they get that "too high" scare where you get paranormal or like your first time and your nervous. He was so jumy and flinchy and his eyes jotting around. Ranbto the vet er and they right away said it was probably from the weed. Then he started dribbling pee and the vet said that's a tell tale sign. Gave him fluids and we were and we're on our way he was fine and slept it off. Now fast forward three days later, no additional exposure to weed and he is acting the same way again!!! Is that possible to some how affect him again and be in his system still?

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