I can understand things on weed that I can’t when I’m sober


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Mar 2, 2020
For example: I love to draw but I can’t get in to the ‘zone’ while I’m sober. I understand forms, values,... basically how to draw with no fear and expectations. You might say it’s anxiety, true, but I just understand a lot more. It just flows to me. I even understand how to sing and how to use your voice. Those things seems ‘easy’ to me after like 3 puffs. And when I’m sober I just can’t go ‘there’. I’ve been using weed for the past 3 years and used it for this kind of stuff for the past 5 months.

Are there any stories similar that I can read about? Or your opinion about this? I heard somewhere that an artist got how jazz works through weed, but didn’t found the full story.

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