I (35M) tried it for the first time last night. My wife (41F) left the house and I went from happy-high to full dread in two minutes. Is that normal?


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Mar 2, 2020
Okay so, my wife has been well versed in the practices and results for quite a while now and assured me I’d be okay. Right after the hits she was invited over to a friends house with the kids and went to hang out there. At first I felt the tingly sensation through my fingers, forearms, face and head. Once she started to head out all that turned into an elephant on my chest and the happy feeling turned into a sense of impending doom. Her suggestion was to lay down after she left so I tried. I immediately felt like I was falling through the couch and closing my eyes made me feel like everything was shutting down. apparently my body agreed and spiked my heart rate up to 160 from a normal 55-ish bpm. I felt like I was freaking out but I couldn’t do anything about it. I couldn’t message her or call her or even answer my phone. Isn’t it an etiquette not to abandon someone getting high the first time?

TLDR: got high, got left alone, felt like I was thrown to the wolves.

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