I’ve felt “high” for 7 days. Weed+chlorophyll?


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Mar 2, 2020
So Monday I took (too much) liquid chlorophyll for the first time then smoked a bit of my joint before bed(I smoke almost daily but a joint can last me a week because I just take little puffs. I’m a light weight)

Within a few minutes I ended up having a huge panic attack and crazy feelings in my body. Sense of dread and impending doom etc. shivering literally had to crawl everywhere it was so bad. I went to the ER twice. First time they chalked it up to me being a dumb stoner. Second time they did all the tests on my from blood to urine to neurology to CT scan. They said everything turned out fine. Great even. Gave me an IV and sent me home.

Since then it’s been 7 days and I feel the same. I feel really disoriented and dizzy. Almost feels like when you get just a tad too high. But then randomly I’ll get a spell where it feels like you got WAY too high. It hits randomly. So I haven’t been able to work or drive or do anything except drink water and watch the office this entire time.

My theory is the chlorophyll (which is known to detox blood and oxygenate it and stuff) some how reacted to the THC? And now it’s just like cycling through my body?

Has anyone else ever experienced this? How do you combat it?

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