I’ve Been Consistently Smoking for Probably a Year Now and I Cannot Stop Getting Paranoid


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Mar 2, 2020
every time I smoke now especially if it’s a lot, i get washed over with this feeling of anxiousness and paranoia. I start worrying about things that don’t bother me when I’m sober.

to give you an example, when sober if you asked me if smoking weed makes me feel dirty, i’d shut it down quick with a no and say no, weed is a lot of fun. but when i’m high the answer is yes, and oh boy do i worry about smells when i’m high.

i’m super worried about if i smell and if people know, just really childish things that when i first started smoking never ever bothered me.

another example would be that i go over in my head every thing that i’ve ever done that’s questionable. it’s ridiculous, i’m washed over with fear and borderline panic. and if you’re wondering i don’t have any underlying issues, i don’t have anxiety or anything like that. but i can’t seem to relax, i’m always worried about the unknown.

I’m wondering how i can combat this, because i really love weed, i love the feeling you get when you first start getting high after smoking a joint, but as soon as it fully settles my mind races.

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