How to quit smoking weed


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Mar 2, 2020
I love weed, I could smoke it all day every day but I dont' think that's a good way of living life. I know a lot of people who want to quit but they can't.

I'm a stoner and I know a simple way to quit completely weed and even lose your interest on it.

There's a smart drug called modafinil / provigil that makes you completely lose interest on smoking weed. I take the drug mon-fri so I'm productive and I can get things done.

I don't take on weekends because I want to enjoy my weed.

I think it's the perfect set up and I thought it could be helpful to some folks who might be trying to quit weed.

Yes. Smoking weed daily will affect your life and just a fool says otherwise and this is coming from a stoner.

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