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Mar 2, 2020
So Okay so I just popped my four seedlings all of them popped , I put them in canna terra plus and have them in all in solo cups. I put them on a heating pad with a plastic dome over it & plastic wrap and within 3 days of seedlings they grew to about 2/3 inches. Now they’re just sitting on a heating pad with the plastic dome in solo cups with holes. I was told by my local hydroponic shop that I was to use the canna terra plus for sprouting the seeds / first 3 weeks and once they got they’re second or third set of leaves to then transplant them in 5 gallon fabric bags. I bought 7 big bags of Fox farm ocean forest and was told once big enough to then transplant them to the 5 gallon fabric bags in fox farm ocean forest. I hear people saying I should cut the ocean forest with 30% perlite. Also she told me that ocean forest was “hotter” then happy frog. But people online are saying ocean forest is “hotter”. I just purchased a mars tsw 2000 light with a 3x3 mars hydro grow tent. I need advice as far as water schedule / how to & what to “feed them” . The strain is northern lights auto from homegrowncannanis co any and all help is GREATLY appreciated peace & love 💕

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