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Mar 2, 2020
My plants have just started their first set of leaves and are roughly an inch and a half give or take. They seem to be growing good but I am concerned with my lighting. I am using my moms indoor plant growing set up that consists of two 24w T5 (6400 Kelvin)fluorescent light strips. I don’t really want to go spend a bunch of money on lights as once it gets warmer out ( I live in Toronto) they will be moved outside. Are these lights suitable for the plants, they r housed in a room that gets a decent amount of sunlight and stays nice and warm. I have been researching about watering them with fish tank water, what should my watering schedule look like I have seen many people say only water them once a week or water a bit in the morning and again 30 min later. I’m really trying to grow these plants as best I can any advice in general would be greatly appreciated. :)

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