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Mar 2, 2020
I went to the internet for answers and found some compelling stuff. However, I assume you guys have done more research or have more experience than I, a newish user to marijuana. I noticed after using Delta 8 and 10 for a couple weeks I was getting chest pains. I thought maybe I was just having a panic attack. But it’s happens the last 2-3 sessions of use. I was using every night and that’s much (I think idk I don’t use if I’m doing work/hangouts but I’m in a short term situation where my nights are mostly me at home). So I thought maybe I just need to slow down. Panicky researching had lead to papers saying weed can cause heart issues and stroke. Most of them had “not enough research has been done” and people have been using weed for a long time. I only take edibles, I never smoke. I don’t feel heart issues after the high has perished. Please just tell me if I’m gonna die or I’m okay just need to slow down. I’m sorry this is long I just need answers.

TL:DR I eat Delta 8 and 10 edibles and now I get chest pains during high. Am I dead or nah?

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