Has Weed Ruined my life permanently?


The Mark X
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Mar 2, 2020
I'm 18 going on 19 in a handful of weeks. and it was without strain that Marijuana Guided me down the golden path of debauchery at the ripe age of 15 it started small but as time.progressed I was smoking 30-50 rips a day and had a 1/2 year stretch of 200-900 Mg Edibles I barely feel.functional my mental.facilities have been stripped of there sustenance I cant focus invigorate deep.thought or recollect anything what saddens me is the neurological damage I may have surmassed I was my class valedictorian I had an innate ability to conjure miraculous Creative insight at the drop of the hat I lost the acting and writing career I had i was so talented and now all i get are sparks of what once was is my life over or can I reobtain what is now gone with the wind

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