Happy 4/20! 🚬💚🧁 Use responsibly


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Mar 2, 2020
This 4/20, let's remember that were not just celebrating cannabis, but how it can change our lives for the better. This include not allowing it to become a problem for us. Before thinks I'm just being a killjoy, allow me to elaborate

Just make sure, that on all days, we are concious of why were using and make sure we don't do ourselves a disservice. Whether you're rec or medical, marijuana can become a problem in our lives if we don't make sure to watch how were using.

I myself decided to take a t-break Saturday, because with everything going on in the world, I had lost sight of why I got my medcard in the first place. It was to knock down barriers created by my illness, and allow me to live a more full life. It had reached the point where rather than removing barriers, I was creating them for myself.

I got in to the flow of "Sad bad, marijuana make happy". And on Saturday night, I realized that it really wasn't making me happy. And that rather than encouraging me to do the things my illness makes it difficult to do, it only made them harder, because I would get so stoned I couldn't do anything.

For people who are just using rec, remember that this is a wonderful plant that litterally changes lives (mine included). But if we're not careful, it's not restricted to just being for the better. So really, just remember to always be conscious of why you're using, and to dose yourself properly. And all that being said...

Smoke a blunt, hell, smoke two. Drop more edibles than usual if you can and wanna. Dab it up, and go ahead and splurge today. Or, if you absolutely want to, stay completely sober and celebrate regardless.

I say all this not to control people's habits, but because I want as many users as possible to avoid doing themselves a disservice with this wonderful plant, and make sure that it's always helping us be the best version of ourselves.

I myself had an amazing time being sober, staying up until sunrise writing songs, playing games and enjoying some Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. If I had just gotten stoned like I usually do, I probably would have just slept, while getting no rest (as it inhibits dream sleep).

I remembered I agreed to video call with a friend to celebrate, so I may use today despite my t-break, but that's okay, because I know why I'm using; to celebrate how this plant has and can make our lives better through concious and responsible use, and to bond with friends. That being said, today is a day to go safely overboard if you so desire.

Happy 4/20 y'all's! Not many people know today is also Hitler's birthday. Let's do what we can to make up for one of humanities greatest mistakes by doing all we can to help ourselves, and those around us! And also, I'd bet he'd be pretty pissed and call us all degenerates if he saw us all simultaneously lighting up 😄

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