Grounding substance to substitute tobacco


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Mar 2, 2020
As the title says I’m looking for something that has the grounding effect tobacco has to add to hash. When I smoke a mild indica hash mixed with tobacco I get a very relaxed bodily effect; my muscles relax, I feel happy and chill, music sounds even better, and I can really be in the now. I love it! But when I smoke (or vape) it pure I get similar effects as with sativa hash or weed; I totally get in my head. I start disassociating, get lots of anxiety, get stuck in time loops, have a desperate feeling of trying to explain what’s going on. Extremely unpleasant. But I rather don’t smoke tobacco, as I’m a breast cancer survivor. Does anyone else have the same experience? And does anyone know what the chemical in tobacco is that gives me this grounding effect? And with what to substitute it? I live in Amsterdam, so it’s not hard to get stuff :) Thanks in advance!

Edit: It doesn’t necessarily have to be something I can add to the joint. It may just as well be something I can eat/drink in combination with smoking hash to feel some grounded and prevent dissociation.

PS: Please don’t DM me with details of dealers, thanks!

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