Gorilla glue #4 Cbd shatter


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Feb 8, 2020
So I'll probably screw this up because I've never done a proper write up before. But here we go.

I was excited to try this when I came out. I love wax and shatter /butter concentrates.
Ordered from Apical greens. It's labeled as and 85.2%cbd. And I completely believe it. This was the best method for cbd I've tried to date. I use flower once a day. Usually in the morning while I'm reading or checking the weather and forums.

This shatter has a great consistency. It's solid and not messy at all. And it only takes a small bit to get effects. But at 85% I would expect no less.

One downfall to this method is materials needed. Either a dry herb vaporizer that you can drop a small piece if this on the flower and it will melt across the flower as you vape. But most come with a distillate pad or some form of way to use distillate. Consult your manual before attempting as to not ruin your device.
There's also an oil/dab rig which you can find at your local head shop. These are costly. And I do mean costly. Last rig I bought was $180 out the door and that didn't include the torch needed to heat the element you choose. Hell it didn't include the material to dab either so you see the cost of this method is less efficient.

Third method and probably the cheapest is a nectar collector. Some call it a dab straw. Its essentially a smaller portable version of a dab rig. What I have is the little green bowl with attached quartz glass stem. You heat the glass to just below turning red. Then bump the shatter piece from the side with a light inhale. This device cost $20. The cheapest method but not the best.

I believe that about wraps it up. Sorry for the lesson of uses as well but felt it may be helpful.

I definitely recommend this cbd shatter for pain and sleep. Pain is gone in 15-20 minutes in my lower back. Which is good because I use it all day landscaping.

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