Georgia Lawmakers Pushing Bill to Essentially Re-Criminalize Hemp


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Feb 9, 2020
Central Florida
More and more states are going to want to do this for a couple of reasons

1) The police are using field tests from the 1960's and are too cheap to upgrade their technology to test for THC percentage.
"It looks like weed" It's really that simple.
kind of like with vaping they go with "it looks like smoking"

0.3% CBD flower shows up no differently than 25% THC premium MJ on a police field test.
The tests used either test for "trace" amounts of THC (all CBD flower has some) or they just test for cannabinoids (CBD is a cannabinoid)

2) The CBD industry no doubt has players that will be backing these types of bills.

They want you buying 1000mg's of CBD from them for $99 (They get their CBD from the same flower we now buy.)

1oz of CBD flower can easily have 4500mg's of CBD in it.

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