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Feb 13, 2020

Yes it's me.. Back to cause a whole lot of problems for another industry getting greedy :)

Everyone who is anybody in the Vaping industry knows who I am. I have been in the Vaping Industry for more than 8 years. Since then a lot has changed. I have done countless interviews, magazine articles, vape shows, podcasts, headlined vape meets, and even got made fun of on South Park (my crowning achievement hehe)

I got into the CBD market for the same reason I got in the Vaping Industry. I was passionate about it. I was on deaths door and if it wasn't for CBD/HEMP Flower / Products I would not be here today. I know that's a bold statement but I have baffled doctors and my entire medical history to back me up.

This isn't just a deals blog. More then 50% of the posts will be deals but I will go into much more detail on works for my nerve pain, skeletal pain, and sleep. ALL CBD is NOT the same and I really want to educate the masses on this.

So why the deals blog at all?

When I started vaping was extremely expensive. A simple ego pen kit would cost over $100.00 and juice was easily $1.00 per ml.

I was sick and tired of seeing people pay so much.

That all changed when I got into the game. Prices started dropping and the entire vaping industry tried figure out how to deal with me. Some embraced me. Some hated me.

I plan to do the same exact thing in the CBD market. The only difference is I'm starting with a massive following, 8 years of experience making this happen.

I want to apologize now to the entire CBD industry :)

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