Ending the Stigma/Stereotype


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Mar 2, 2020
There are not many Cannabis Informational Channels/Videos that are Stereotype-Free. Most are “lighting up” while discussing ending the stigma. While I see the merits of these videos and support many of them, I must admit there is quite a lack of Professional and truly Stereotype-free information. Also, many people are visual learners and might not read or even learn well with reading; this is where these types of videos would truly help.

I came to Cannabis later in life. I was one who believed in the stigma and lies of Cannabis. It wasn’t until Cannabis helped save me from PTSD, TBI, and Addictions that I was able to see how Beneficial and borderline miraculous this plant was. This give me a unique view on the mind of those who are Against Cannabis.

Professional style Informational videos on Cannabis would help to further Legalization and Decriminalization at an astounding rate, I hypothesize. Information such as: History of Cannabis, Scientific Research, Medicinal Advantages, and more!

What are your thoughts?

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