Elektra CBD Hemp Flower


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Feb 7, 2020
This one I purchased from Plain Jane, really like those folks. The flavor from this one is similar to The Wife, though, not quite as strong tasting. The fragrance is still pretty strong, though. Piney taste, still I get a nice, chill, relaxed feeling from this one, again, not incapacitated, and I'm not expecting to be. This one I could possibly use during a work week, it's just a matter of knowing how much to take at a time, in this case, 2-3 vapes and I'm good. (Copied from VU)

Fast forward to today, I still enjoy this one. I really like having a variety of strains to on hand, hoping that I don't hit that burn out level where I have to take a break from it, as I've been informed that that can happen. Granted, I still have painful days, but not at the daily, intense levels that I normally would. I have neuropathy and it normally kicks my ass, but CBD really helps me to have less. I really don't know if I'll get to a point of fully coming of prescriptions meds, but I'm hopeful that I might be able to reduce, over time.

Elektra is a nice strain that I'd certainly purchase again.