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Mar 2, 2020
Every time I take an edible from a dispensary I don’t get high. I’ve tried multiple different brands at doses between 500-1k mg with various fats/food. My metabolism is pretty quick and I can eat pretty much anything I want. After doing some research I know that some people aren’t able to convert the thc in their liver into something that the body can use. I know that’s an extremely basic explanation but I get it. So maybe that’s what my issue is… except I have gotten extremely high from edibles in the past. The edibles I got high from were from before distillate was around so I’m wondering if distillate is my issue. I’m tempted to buy some rosin/full spectrum or nano particle edibles but I hate just throwing away money on thc deserts that don’t work and don’t taste that great. The nano particle ones by Dosd, here in Colorado, that say they absorb quicker because they’re water soluble may be possibility. I’m also thinking of just trying to make some infused brownies myself with some bud and butter. Another option to deliver my medicine without smoking would be a tincture but I have no experience with those. Has anyone else experienced this and found a way to make edibles work again? Sorry for the long post and thank you for any help you can give me on this.

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