Does cannabis affect any part of your body?


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Mar 2, 2020
I have insomnia and I used to smoke marijuana cigs (age 13) Ever since covid I have been having anxiety and i stopped cuz it gives me worse anxiety and I know I'm too young but I stopped using it. So my 50 year old mom smokes it for her headaches from her head injury and during this pandemic I am super worried she could get it she means alot to me and we are blood type O idk sorry for stating I heard it has something to do to it (I've posted before please dont remove I'm having an anxiety attack rn) I'm sorry for posting again ive posted on health anxiety and this thing idk the name for help but I dont know where to look and type

Edit:got to caught up and forgot my question but remembered

Does it affect your lungs and maybe any other part of body I'm not sure where to look

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