Does anyone else hate the way pipes/paraphernalia are designed nowadays compared to long ago?


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Mar 2, 2020
I can't find a decently designed pipe anymore like I could more than 10 years ago. Always some sort of small but annoying as f*ck issues like:

The bottom isn't completely flat which means the damn thing falls over while you're trying to pack a bowl. Now my weed is all over the ground.

The actual bowl is not flat, it's at a weird angle which means you have to prop it up on something a certain way just to pack a bowl. It also means that it doesn't hit right since the whole bowl is at an angle.

Who the f*ck makes these?? A bunch of dumb ass potheads instead of actual PRODUCT DESIGNERS!!

Those are only 2 things that piss me off. Does anyone agree with me or am I just ocd?? Can anyone give more examples of sh*t designed pipes that I didn't list?

The only good thing with pipes nowadays is that they have gotten super cheap compared to 10 or more years ago. The pipes that cost like $15 to $20 nowadays probably would have been more than $50 or even $70 back in the day.

Update: I'm never able to find good ART pieces. Most of the pipes have shitty ugly color combinations or just plain ugly color design. I don't see any of the cool swirly or glitter designs like I used to more than 10 years ago. I don't see any attention to detail in the paraphernalia anymore.

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