COVID19 vs MJ Experiment Take 1.0


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Mar 2, 2020
Good afternoon my fellow maconieros (pothead in southern Latin America). I conducted a self experiment on not smoking during this ridiculous pandemic outbreak just in case. And I have been MJ free for about 40 days now. Previous to those 40 days, I was vaping/smoking regularly everyday two to three good puffs, chillin with some indica blended with CBD. It was a smooth ride. No lung health issues could go to the gym and power through 30 min of cardio and 30 min of weights. Could do things at home (honeydolist) boom! Or be comatose on the couch. I was punching in 40 hours of laborious work (no smoking on the job, gotta be responsible). In the past I have taken breaks from MJ for a couple of weeks then back to vaping. These 40 days have been interesting. I expected some grumpiness, headaches due to the sobering effects. Those came through but now I feel lethargic, unmotivated, depressed, I have a cough that feels like a cold (no COVID19 symptoms) and am very comatose, couch locked, binge watching Prime/Netflix. I can get going if I need to buy groceries, cook or interact with the fam. Otherwise, I feel compelled to lay on the couch and have a "meh" attitude. I cannot go to work because we are on a month long pause and I'm on "standby", the gyms are closed, I did attempt to walk the trails in my area and came back with shortness of breadth, then the next day really sore. I dont get it. I am going to go back to cannabis but I'm shelfing vaping. I do have a frozen stick of cannabutter that I found in my fridge from 2014 and debating whether I should or not. I'm not the usual edible consumer and the last time I had this butter in particular was in 2016 on toast and was high for two days (white widow kush). I honestly need some concrete advise whether I should or shouldn't or maybe find some inspiration to get me moving. I appreciate you and stay safe.

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