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Feb 6, 2020

"Got no time, Got sh*t to do".

I live in NJ. About 40 miles south of NYC. NYC and NJ have been hit the hardest in America and for good reason. NJ and NYC set records for population density.

To give you an idea - here are the stats. While NJ ranks 47th in total state size, we are ranked 1 in terms of population density.. NJ has almost 1/3 the entire population of Canada or 1/6th the population of Italy or France respectively. Packed in this super small place.

NJ people, in general, tend to be an extremely fast moving bunch that don't have time for nonsense. The reason is simple, it's packed and extremely expensive. Run with it or be run over by it. You can just amplify that by a factor of a billion when you get into NYC. NJ is the pressure valve for NYC. Many of your NYC workers live here.

As of today:

Day to day here is pretty rough - a waste land. Everything is closed. About the only thing you can find are gas stations, fast food, grocery stores, medical, and some convenience stores. Most of those will close by 8pm. We are very out of our element under lock-down. The lock-down is very serious here. People are arrested for religious service gatherings, funerals, etc. If your destination isn't a grocery store,a doctor / hospital, pharmacy, home - do not be on the road. End of Story. It seems our Governor is getting stricter by the day. I work from home so I'm very accustom to this life style. It's interesting to watch all the 9-5 workers handle this. Some keep busy, others are in sheer panic because of what is waiting for us about an hour car ride away.

A Movement - A real possibility.

There is a growing movement here that many of us had covid back in Dec/Jan 2019. There are many people that rarely get sick that got nailed by this mystery bug. I am one of those people.

I am very tuned to my body because of all the medical issues I had. I can count on one hand how many times I got the flu in my life and still have fingers left over ( I don't take the flu shot). In early January I thought I was getting some strange allergy. I couldn't hear anything, I couldn't taste anything, I was coughing, etc. Later that week I had to fly to LA for business. When I got there I was even worse. I might have had 2 meals in 4 days. I wrote a Facebook post about it when I was there.

Still, I thought it was nothing more then being in a new environment - meeting new people - new business relationships.

In the middle of the trip it was rather cool in California, about 65 degrees. I was just sitting waiting to go back to my hotel and my head started to sweat pretty aggressively for no reason at all. When I look back - That very well could have been a fever breaking I never knew I had.

So how to find out. Well - the covid test will not tell you if you had it and recovered. An antibody test would - which will soon be available to the public. I'll be taking that as soon as I can.

Needless to say I unknowingly passed it on to my wife, my son, my mother - all got through it in about a week.

Could have this been allergies? No because everyone around me got sick. Could this be some mystery regular flu? Sure. However, considering one of the major symptoms is the inability to taste anything. I remember complaining to my wife that I could eat a snickers or a sneaker - it would taste the same. I have had that before from being sick but this was different. I had zero taste buds. I lost about 10lbs because of it.

Many experts are saying it had to be going around the population undetected for months for NYC and NJ to be hit this bad.


I do think this is serious, I do generally think everyone should kept home. If what I had was covid - it kicked my ass. If it wasn't - I hope you don't get what I did.

I think most of the experts say things in generality to cover their asses, politicians scramble to make sure their poll numbers are good and or take advantage, and the media spits nothing but bad news and death because it works for ratings.

I started a Facebook Group about covid for the curious. This isn't some grand conspiracy group but I do like deeper understanding and not sound bites.

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