Covid-19 and smoking weed on probation


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Mar 2, 2020
So I recently graduated my outpatient program where I took Drug test for my p.o As well as got my ged, but now that it’s over I’ve smoked a total of 3 bowls over the span of 5 days and my court date is on April 29th, I asked if she would be calling me in for meeting or something and she said she could come see me but the office is closed for the corona virus so I went ahead and smoked, I was clean for months before and I only smoked like two small nugs or three small bowls, I doubt she’ll call me in for a drug test cause of the virus and us being locked down starting tomorrow and if she did I’d say I have pneumonia or something. Btw I’m 6’0 tall and around 200lbs(mostly fat tbh)

You think I’ll be fine or should I be pulling my hair out rn. Also I know it’s dumb to smoke on probation but that doesn’t do me any good right now

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