Cops took my weed


The Mark X
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Mar 2, 2020
Dude, i'm sitting all alone in the middle of a fucking field. Miding my own business, blasting some tunes and smoking a joint and some motherfucker actually called the cops on me. Mind you, we dont have a curfew or anything, we're still allowed to go outside as long as we keep quarantine protocol (no more than 5 people and 2m between each other).

I've been self isolating for near a month now, live alone and everything so i figured, since i'm losing my mind anyway, i'll enjoy the sun for once. And some dude is actually so fucking No Life to call the cops on me. lol

Had to give 'em my weed, was smoking one when they came so no point in hiding. Was only about 2gs anyway and anything below 10g is considered "self consumption" here, so i didnt get a fine or anything.

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