Buying Weed During COVID-19


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Mar 2, 2020
Hey everyone,

I live in New York City, which most of y’all probably know is in complete lockdown. I luckily stocked up on weed before the crisis hit, but I’m running low and I know this won’t end anytime soon. I know most delivery services are still operational, but I have no idea how to maintain social distancing protocol and stay sanitary especially since deliveries typically happen inside the house.

I’m so jealous of states like California where you can just get home delivery like you would pizza. Feeling very lost right now, and the only pieces of writing I can find about this are from the very beginning of the outbreak (March 11-16) when stakes didn’t feel quite as high as they do now.

Any ideas? Has anyone had to handle this yet? I assume so, considering how much weed people tend to smoke.

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