Are Homemade Organic Fertilizers the Future of Cannabis Cultivation?


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Feb 22, 2020

The great thing about making homemade organic fertilizers is that the required nutrients for your plant are easily accessible from things you can find around you or at home. For example, the macronutrient nitrogen can be gotten from bat guano, crustaceous meal, worm castings, and even human urine, however, it has to be diluted with water at ratio 10:1 to prevent root burning. Phosphorus can be gotten from chicken manure, bone and fish meals, fermented banana peels and rock dust while potassium can be gotten from wood ash, siliceous rock, compost, and kelp. Micronutrient can be gotten from limestone, chalk, azomite, dolomite, clay and magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts), other effective organic fertilizers include animal feces mixed with a substrate, coffee grounds, and compost fruit peel.

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