Anyone in Utah ever drive to Nevada or Colorado to buy?


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Mar 2, 2020
I’m completely brand spanking new to the world of pot. Never ingested anything related to marijuana except CBD oil very recently.

I started taking CBD for anxiety mainly, and so far, I’m pleasantly surprised to see that it is actually working. Really well. In just a matter of days, not only am I feeling less anxiety, but I’ve also noticed I’m sleeping better and some chronic aches and pains I have have completely disappeared.

So now that my mind has been opened, I’m curious now about what actual pot could do for me.

It would be nice to experience some feelings of contentment and euphoria for once—even if it’s short-lived. So yeah, I’m basically saying I wanna get high.

So being in Utah, how outrageous of an idea is it to drive to neighboring states where pot is legal and pick some up?

Do a lot of people do this? How risky is it? Do the dispensaries pay attention to where customers’ driver’s licenses are issued? Do cops keep surveillance on these places and monitor license plates and what not?

I could totally see cops with nothing better to do doing that.

Any information or advice is appreciated :)

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