Anyone else having problems with an order from DynaVap?


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Mar 2, 2020
A buddy of mine mentioned this company because he saw it being discussed on this subreddit. We were both interested in a vape that doesn't require a battery or circuit or any of that crap. As such we both ordered these at the same time a couple weeks ago. We live about an hour apart both in major population centers in the north east. I have been patiently checking the USPS website every day to see it stuck at some sort of package awaiting acceptance stage still in Wisconsin where it origniated. About a week ago when my buddy received his Dynavap. I emailed them at that point with no response still. I then used the website to ask earlier this week to reach out to them through their communication web form. Today I sent a tweet. I just don't if anyone is home, why my package seems to be stuck and why my buddy with almost the exact some order has been sitting pretty for a week now.

So, as the title says... anyone else have any problems with this company. It is really throwing me off because the stuff they have on youtube made them seem like they have their sh*t together.

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