Anxiety when smoking, but no anxiety on edibles?


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Mar 2, 2020
Hey there all, I’ve been smoking for a good 2-3 years now and I’d say in late 2018 I began having intense paranoia and anxiety when smoking. I would continually smoke hoping I would be able to reattain the joy I once had but was continually met by that same paranoia and anxiety. After some much needed research into cannabinoids and terpenes, I introduced CBD into the mix. With CBD I finally reattained the joy I once had, although here and there anxiety would still creep up; however, it is much more manageable then it used to be. Unrelated, but I find taking a few drags of a joint much more enjoyable than a bong hit; bong hits feel so much more intense and make my heart race like a motherfucker while joints are smooth and slow.

Anyways, after not smoking for a good month or so, I came back home from college for a weekend. A friend of mine had gotten some edibles and asked if I wanted to come eat them with a bunch of other friends too. I was hesitant initially as I had left my CBD pen back at school, but I said f*ck it and went anyway. I’ve done research into edibles and how for the first time you should start with a low dose. While I do not know the exact dosage, I ate roughly a third of a small homemade “nerds cube” (illegal state). I was met by the most enjoyable high I ever had; there wasn’t an inkling of paranoia or anxiety, it was just a great body high filled with laughter and smiles amongst my friends.

So I was ultimately left wondering, why the difference? Google searches haven’t taught me much except that edibles are essentially a different type of THC, 11-OH-THC to be exact, a metabolite of THC. Can anyone give me more clarity as to why this high was much more enjoyable? I’m very curious because edibles are definitely going to my main method of consumption from now on.

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