A Terpene Company Claims It Just Unlocked the Secrets of Weed's "Gas" Smell


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Feb 22, 2020
You can now buy a bottle of dank weed’s world-famous “gas” smell.

ABSTRAX Technologies, a California-based terpenoid extraction company, claims it discovered the secret recipe for marijuana’s “diesel” aroma after two years of research. The company now offers its “The Gas” proprietary terpene blend under its Native Series line of oil products.

"For the first time ever, nearly everyone around the world can legally and cost-effectively enjoy the flavors and aromas of leading cannabis strains," said Max Koby, ABSTRAX’s CEO and cofounder, in a press release. "Having discovered the secret to using hundreds of botanically derived ingredients to develop exact replications of highly sought after cannabis strains, we are thrilled to share this advancing series with our customers."

In case you’re wondering which terpene combinations compose “The Gas,” well, that’s a secret. Scientists have not identified a single terpene responsible for the gassy scent that wafts from weed strains like Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, and Jet Fuel, though the mixture likely contains some of the earthier terps like humulene or myrcene along with other sharper-smelling terps like pinene or linalool.

To crack into the mystery of ganja’s gas, ABSTRAX teamed up with Josh Del Rosso of Josh D Farms, the grower who popularized the OG strains known for their diesel traits. Then, the company’s scientists had some veteran pot smokers smell a variety of strains grown by the company to narrow down which plants to study further. (Talk about a dream job.)

“After confirming the chemical composition of the gassy aroma, we developed a metric we call the ‘Gas Factor’ to easily quantify how gassy a strain is,” ABSTRAX’s Lead Research Scientist, Iain Oswald, PhD., wrote in a blog post. “This may have profound implications not only for educating consumers, but also for cultivators, as this technology can guide them when attempting to breed specific aromas.”

But what, exactly, can you do with a bottle of “The Gas?” The idea is to bring authentic aromatic qualities to products that may otherwise lose terpenes in the extraction process, such as certain dabbable oils. Though considering there’s now a niche market for pot-scented perfumes, and cannabis-infused cosmetics, we wouldn’t be surprised if “The Gas” made its way into other common consumer goods in the near future.

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