1. Vaporjoe

    CBD: THC's responsible friend (and Poll)

    Think of THC as a sports car and CBD as the responsible driver. THC is the gas (no pun intended) that drives the all those cannabinoids to the body. While doing this - it likes to make a pit stop in the brain and START THE PARTY. Studies show CBD can weaken the effects of THC. However, CBD...
  2. Vaporjoe

    Opioid Users: The Hyperalgesia Paradox

    Hyperalgesia: Hyperalgesia is an enhanced pain response. It can result from either injury to part of the body or from use of opioid painkillers. When a person becomes more sensitive to pain as a result of taking opioid medication, it's called opioid-induced hyperalgesia ---- This is something...
  3. Vaporjoe

    Please allow push notifications

    Hello, Please allow the forum to offer you push notifications. All this will do is alert you when a thread you are watching has been replied too, etc. There is no advertising or click bait. It's a god send for those that are active in the forum. I know EVERYONE wants to send push...