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    Muscle cream

    I was contemplating trying some cbd cream or oil for sore muscles. I typically use a tenze unit, but some circumstances don’t allow for it. what dreams do you use? Was looking for something to use intermittently and target specific muscles.
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    Study: Cannabis Could Prevent COVID-19 Infections
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    So is it me or is 2k a month per person for 6 months during the pandemic possibly overreach?

    I mean where does it come from and who covers this?
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    Lifter flower by the helping friendly hemp compnay

    This is only the second type of flower I've used. Before this I used one from plain jane that was quite effective. This one however, does seem to work quicker and last longer. Lifter, gives me an immediate calming sensation and stops my neurogenic pain almost immediately. The one from...
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    Coronavirus, how is it effecting you?

    So is anyone really worried about this thing? What are you doing in reaction to it? Both Ohio and Lousiana have canceled school until april 13th for k-12. Both states colleges have canceled classes for the remainder of the semester Both states have put a stop to large gatherings. (More than...
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    Foods That Can Trigger Asthma
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    Holistic health is key to productivity
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    10 supplements that boost healing
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    Eat These Muscle Recovery Foods to Get Back on the Bike Fast REACH FOR THESE HEALING OPTIONS TO FUEL YOUR RECOVERY.
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    The Best Natural Remedies + Pharmaceutical Treatment Options for Multiple Sclerosis
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    Work, exercise and sleep are all related. Maintaining the proper balance will help maximize your productivity.
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    Type 2 Diabetes Treatments
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    Treatment options for IBS
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    Best supplements for lowering blood pressure
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    Ten ways to relieve stomach ulcers at home
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    Question about liquid cbd

    are there different attys? Different mods, boards, power rankings? Rebuildable attys? Do people vape the liquid for flavor and clouds also?
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    Five Nutrition Tips to Promote Wound Healing
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    Wound healing diet: Eat these foods for an accelerated recovery
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    Anti-inflammatory diet: What to know
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    The 13 Most Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Can Eat