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  1. What’re you tokin’?

    Damn,you grow well! :)
  2. Question about Pipe Screens - Thicker & Stronger - Longer Lasting

    While they look nice I would think they would be too rigid to use in a lot of bowls. Also looks too rigid to cut. Most of my bowls are kind of conical shaped and I like to shape the screen to the bowl.To me those holes look something like the size of the holes that seem to come in a lot of bowls...
  3. Herb Mail? Lol

    I do use conditioner I adjusted with coconut oil I made and added a bit of dmso to it that works quite nice.
  4. Herb Mail? Lol

    Like nothing you could imagine.
  5. Herb Mail? Lol

    No,there are a lot of pet products for everything now and some peeps are swearing about them. Most are just using cbd coconut oil or tinctures. My cat wouldn't touch her food with just a little tiny bit added. Have to take her to vet next week for shots, she has had them before but usually 1...
  6. Herb Mail? Lol

    What I got was soo bad it had to have been a mistake-really. I have never seen anything like it. By far the worst thing I ever got-very dry,dark brown small crumbly with an odor nothing like cbd. I didn't even keep the jar when I trashed it. But I would have been happy with a replacement as I...
  7. What’re you tokin’?

    Agree with @Huckleberried and @5150sick about the levels of either thc or cbd. Guessing it's the terpines. Does make it harder for me as a consumer trying to decide what to get at times. Finishing off some Apical-Hawaiian haze. Love the taste of this.
  8. What’re you tokin’?

    Have a 2" 4 pc grinder.I need to clean the 2 grinding pieces. Have started only grinding for current use as I just love that fresh strong terpine aroma-gets me primed for what ever I'm using.
  9. What’re you tokin’?

    Great idea! Have been sitting on a half filled cart from a few months ago-it was one of those pens-really good-but I tried to make it last and didn't give any thought to the fact that the battery being disposable would only last a little over 2 weeks-lesson learned.
  10. Herb Mail? Lol

    I have never had a cherry wine that seems to be like berkshires,not sure why but even the descriptions read differently.Hope yours is good also.Have only had a few things from body 100 from when they started. Had to throw out the og special sauce it was so bad,really off. Did try to reach out a...
  11. Herb Mail? Lol

    Enjoying some Berkshire Cherry Wine. Haven't used this in a while and it's as good as I remember. By far my favorite cbd flower.:)
  12. What’re you tokin’?

    Breakfast of champions :)
  13. Your State Laws on MMJ.

    Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor facetiously tweeted, "I’m truly afraid if PA legalizes marijuana it could help fill a massive budget shortfall and very likely, many zero people will die from overdose. It would also trigger thousands of new jobs and inadvertently eliminate 20k+ annual arrests...
  14. Has the Coronavirus outbreak affected your daily consumption?

    After a week or so of knowing visits to family in md weren't gonna happen for an unknown and possibly very long time I found myself craving what I lost access to. Had maybe a gram left in reserve. Did some basic research and on 3/16 took a nice drive to some legal rec. Got the max-an oz of asst...
  15. Herb Mail? Lol

    Have read about that but have never tried.
  16. Herb Mail? Lol

    Yep-for all april now! :)
  17. Coronavirus, how is it effecting you?

    Scary! Glad it hopped over you!!
  18. Herb Mail? Lol

    Should hold you a while:)
  19. Coronavirus, how is it effecting you?

    Just saw a newer explanation of why this is so feared. No one has any immunity as it is new. Very simple-and very scary. Didn't think of this.:unsure:
  20. Do it Yourself - General info.

    @WB80.2 do you decarb the kief??