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  1. gtrpickr

    What’re you tokin’?

    I went several years without any sources but I know a grower now and things are much better.
  2. gtrpickr

    Herb Mail? Lol

    I just got 30g of Tangie from CBD Hemp Direct from the $1 a gram sale. It came in a mylar bag with a humidity pack. The flower looks, feels and smells very fresh. It weighed out to 34g of actual bud which was nice. I smoked some in my chillum and enjoyed the flavor, it gave a nice soothing yet...
  3. gtrpickr

    Herb Mail? Lol

    Since CDB Hemp Direct still had their sale going I picked up an oz of farmers batch Durban potion #2 for $4.20 and a 1.5g jar of Juicy fruit for $4.50 to try out. I might try making some edibles with the Durban.
  4. gtrpickr

    What’re you tokin’?

    I've been looking for a larger grinder myself the 2inch is fine for small amounts like WB80.2 said its a pain if you over load it.
  5. gtrpickr

    So is it me or is 2k a month per person for 6 months during the pandemic possibly overreach?

    Seems there's a lot of questions with very few answers. I say send China the bill lol
  6. gtrpickr

    What’re you tokin’?

    Grimm Green
  7. gtrpickr

    Get cooking: release your inner cannabis chef

    I am gonna have to try and make some edibles
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    welcome to the forum
  9. gtrpickr

    Lets see some hand checks

    ouch! doesnt look good
  10. gtrpickr

    Many of us in NJ believe we had covid in Early January.

    I believe we had here too back in Jan. My whole house came down with a strange viral type cold that nothing seemed to help. Fortunately we all got over it.
  11. gtrpickr

    Arizer V-Tower

    I have been wanting to try a vaporizer it's just hard to spend that much on a mod not knowing how good they are. I might have to keep an eye out if you decide to let one go.
  12. gtrpickr

    Arizer V-Tower

    I have been looking at the Air, you say it doesn't hold a lot but does it perform well? I'm not sure I would need one that holds a lot anyway.
  13. gtrpickr

    Coronavirus, how is it effecting you?

    I guess what's effecting me the most is the lack of common sense people have these days.
  14. gtrpickr

    1000th thread in short order.

  15. gtrpickr - Vape Hardware Supplier

    Welcome, browsed the site and seen some nice stuff.
  16. gtrpickr

    BigLenny in the house

    Welcome to the forum!
  17. gtrpickr

    Lets see some hand checks

    I'm digging that blue too
  18. gtrpickr

    Lets see some hand checks