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  1. Question about CBD for dogs.

    I give my Beagle CBD from the local cannabis store. He has a bad hip and since CBD he is much happier everyday. I just use the CBD drops for humans.
  2. Greetings

    Using a Jewelers loop I could not see Tricombs very well as to when to harvest. Always wondered how people got such clear pictures. Went to my sisters and she had a little toy and was playing around with hers in my cell phone so when I got home I bought one. I think my plant is ready for...
  3. Bubba Kush CBD Garden

    Very nice! I am about to harvest my first indoor grow. Then April I will start plants in my grow tent then move them outside in late May. In Canada so we have a short grow season. Two crops a year is more than enough for my family. We have a four plant maximum here but it is at least something...
  4. Greetings

    Just a picture test.
  5. Any glass connoisseurs in the building?

    Thinking about a dabber like the bottom pic. But need a press first as I am not into trying it with a hairstraitener. LOL Only have a couple water bongs as that's what the wife prefers. Have a Solo Vaporiser that we had to have in order to get a medical licence back when.
  6. CBD: THC's responsible friend (and Poll)

    I myself don't smoke or vape CBD/cannabis. My wife had her medical card and I was her caregiver on her medical card so I know alot about it. Since it became legal in Canada to grow/smoke/vape I am growing my own plants indoors in a grow tent. It has turned into a real hobby that I enjoy. I do...
  7. Rules of the Forum

    Very nice. May need a grow section with it being legal in many places now. :)
  8. Greetings

    Looks like another good place to hangout with my other hobby. :) I am a grower as it is legal in Ont. Canada
  9. Greetings

    Good to be here and will help out where I can. CHEERS!