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    Found my way here through the open door

    Hi Anise- Glad to see you here! 👋 🎉
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    It's only me.. Vaporjoe

    Hi Joe- sorry for all you have been thru and glad that you are on the mend and sharing what works to help others on this new forum!
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    Hello Everyone

    Thanks for all the Hi's and Welcomes! 👋🤗🎉
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    Hello Everyone

    Firebird???? Hi Bella/Amber 👋
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    Thrilled to see the new house!

    Thanks for sharing your story and sorry for all that you have been thru- I am excited to find out more about CBD before I take that leap. 🤗
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    Thx for the red carpet invite! ❤️

    Hi and Welcome :cool:
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    So glad to be here!

    Hiya Huckleberried! I am wanting to learn more about CBD- have been reading at VU and now signed on to this forum. 🤗
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    reporting for duty

    Hi- glad to see you! (y)
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    Just Amber Petti

    Hi Amber- glad to see you 😎
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    Hello, hello!

    Hi- glad to see you! :cool:
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    Hello Everyone

    Great idea to start a Forum like this- I am interested in CBD and Wellness and hope to learn more about it before I take the plunge! :cool: