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  1. Question about CBD for dogs.

    Does anyone have a good supplier for CBD for dogs and any information about if it could help for skin allergies? My dachshund has been having chronic skin problems with a lot of yeast for about a year. We have spent at least a thousand dollars in the last year on different meds and shampoos...
  2. CBD Flower General chit chat

    Check out this one I got my daughter one and she loves it and it is a great price!
  3. CBD Flower General chit chat

    Check out this doc it has a huge amount of different hemp farms that sell many strains and there are also discount codes.
  4. Which Dry herb vaporizer?

    I got a healthy rips fury 2 and it is awesome!
  5. Best dry Vaporizers of 2020

    I don’t know if anyone has tried a healthy rips vaporizer but I love mine it is awesome.